Celeste is a busy woman. She doesn't have time to deal with the problems of strangers. She doesn't want anything to do with the mysterious man in the alleyway behind her house. But not all is as it appears to be. Celeste knows something about the man in the alleyway - something that nobody else knows. Celeste has a secret.

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Download includes film, four songs and one behind the scenes featurette.

Written, filmed and edited entirely by the members of DUMBSAINT, the new short film trilogy is a surreal filmic companion piece to The Auteur, and a release that will offer thematic and narrative clues into a larger piece of work yet to come, as writing sessions continue for the follow-up to the band's acclaimed 2012 debut album, Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form.

This installment, Part III: Celeste, sees DUMBSAINT continuing to explore powerful and unusual interactions between sound and image. Deliberately released out of chronological order, the haunting first segment of the 25-minute-long Disappearance In A Minor Role is a mystery that will only be solved once all three pieces have been revealed. In addition to the short film, Part III: Celeste includes four new extended tracks from and inspired by the film - which represent the band’s first attempt to create an original film "soundtrack" - along with access to a 6-minute behind-the-scenes video featurette.



Arthur is shooting a film about a film. Between extras, locations and endless script revisions, he begins to lose track of where the movie ends and his real life begins. Trapped in a surreal maze of actors playing directors and directors doubling as actors, Arthur rediscovers an object from his past, and is drawn back to a place beyond the frame.

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Download includes song, film, six audio remixes and one video remix.

The Auteur project has seen DUMBSAINT continue to explore unexpected interactions between sound and image, working with a range of new techniques to tell an experimental narrative that plays with inventive references to the band’s own filmmaking process. Shot entirely by the members of DUMBSAINT, the short film is a surrealistic adaptation of the title track, with the enigmatic story unfolding in perfect sync with the music itself.

The complete package includes the single, digital download of the short film, six audio remixes and one video remix, with collaborations from some of the band’s peers and favourite experimental Australian artists, including Sydney electronic artist SETEC, Brisbane sound artist EOIN CLEMENTS, Andrew Mortensen of SERIOUS BEAK, Perth drone artist HOUDINI, Brendan Gloag of FACE COMMAND and Brisbane post-rock three-piece ECHOTIDE.